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Dynamics 365

360° view on your customers and business leads to better insight and faster results .

 Dynamics 365 fits into every organization

Dynamics 365 proves that a CRM solutions does not need to be complex or expensive. Dynamics 365 can fit any organization or any budget, from small business to multinationals. Dynamics 365 integrates marketing, sales and service but also any other business process. Dynamics 365 creates better insight, the possibility to anticipate and thus better and faster results.

Quick and Easy to implement

With Dynamics 365 you can start immediately. Dynamics is available in the familiar Outlook client, but also on your mobile device or in your webbrowser. The Outlook client can track your information automatically so you can easily get used to working with Dynamics 365 and gather all the necessary information with very little effort.

Adapt to your business process

Every company is different. Therefore Dynamics must adapt to your needs and processes. This starts with the registration of customer data. The  abolute power of  Dynamics 365 is that you don't need any knowledge of programming to be able to adjust Dynamics 365 forms and fields to match your business needs. It is in the name of the product; create your own dynamics, it is easy!

Rapid decision making based on complete understanding

The numerous standard reports and dashboards that are available in the Hosted Dynamics 365 Service provide realtime insight. This enables you to anticipate changing demands and circumstances and thus create opportunities and grow your business.



Real-time insight in your business opportunities, markting campaigns and services. Consult e-mail correspondence that is automatically tracked, review open opportunities or outstanding quotes and check the status of your marketing campaign.

Business and Enterprise licenses

Dynamics 365 offers a Dynamics Business Suite and an Enterprise Suite. The Enterprise Suite includes operations, field automation and finance (Plan 2).

The Enterprise Sales SMB offer brings Enterprise Sales features for an SMB price level.

Full & Light users 

Dynamics 365 is available in a full license and a light (Teammember) user license. The light license can be used for a group of people with limited acces to your Dynamics data. Teammembers have read and write access to tasks, accounts, contacts, notes.

Automate business processes

Dynamics 365 enable you to automate recurring business processes and increase productivity. A simple example is the automated process that creates a follow up task for the sales rep when a new lead is entered or an automatically generated e-mail (with your e-mail template) to inform the customer about a quote that is about to expire. For more examples and possibilities; please contact us, we will be happy to demo the possibilities.    

Customization and integration

Out of the Box; rich features are available to customize Dynamics to adapt to your organization. Also, Dynamics integrates seamlessly with MS Skype for Business, MS SharePoint, Outlook and Yammer. But also when a deeper integration with any other buiness application is required, Universal IT can provide the necessary service.

Dynamics and Skype, Yammer, SharePoint, Office

MS Dynamics CRM integrates with Outlook, but also with other Microsoft applications such as Skype for Business Server, Yammer and SharePoint, creating a fully integrated solution for Hosted MS Dynamics CRM using SharePoint for document management, Yammer for Social Features and Skype for Business Server to communicate.