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  Cloud Universal Contact Center for Skype4B 

Everyone is a contact center!

Every organisation is a Customer Service organisation. Anywhere365 offers a userfriendly - easy to deploy - contact center solution based on Skype for Business Server. Complicated, expensive, static contact center solutions are no longer needed. Meet the Anywhere365 Universal Contact Center by Workstreampeople! We offer each organisation, either large or small, the ability to streamline customer contact and thus provide a better service. Anywhere365 gives your Front Desk, Customer Service, Sales Team or Support Desk the ability to manage voice, (web) chats, queues and provides extensive reporting tools. The Skill based routing features make sure that your customer is communicating with the most suitable agent.

Hosted Universal Contact Center

Universal IT offers the UCC solution as a hosted service. Your Universal Contact Center is secured, managed and monitored by Universal and availalble on any Internet Device with Skype for Business or Lync Mobile Client.

Dialogue Management

Manage voice, video, web interactions, chat and e-mail from your Skype for Business or Lync Mobile client. Detailed information about previous contacts is immediately present; that offers you the ability to distinguish on Customer Service Levels.

Based on Skype for Business

An Enterprise solution with all the inbound contact center feactures needed to perform the best possible Customer Interaction. The intuitive interface makes it very easy to work with.

Role Based Dialoque

Dialoques need all people involded! In the Universal Contact Center you can define skills, servicetimes and rules to make sure that people are communicating with the best suitable agent.

Give the people what they need, simple!

The UCC enables you to manage the routing rules yourselve in an easy interface. You can immediately react on changing circumstances and maintain your high service standard! 

Streamlined, Repeatable processes

The UCC is all about automating processes and real time insight in all dialogues. Reduce unneccesary dialogues and improve your customer service level.

Anywhere 365 Cloud UCC Standard


Anywhere 365 Cloud UCC Enterprise


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Opening Hours
Queue Messages
Web based configuration
Skill based routing
Supervisor features
Call Recording
CRM integration
Video and Audio Webchat
Interceptor - outbound UCC options


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