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Remote Desktop Services

Your online office available anytime and anywhere

Online Desktop, safely outsourced and always available

You can work anywhere on any workstation with an internet connection. Full flexibility and fully managed and secured by the Universal Managed Services. Daily backup of your data is included in our services. Should you need an additional workstation or application for a new colleague or a temporarely flexworker; the extra Remote Desktop Service is directly at your disposal.

Remote Desktop Services means flexibility

Flexibility to scale up or down directly in the required number of seats or applications. Flexibility in assigning licenses to your employees in our Universal Cloud Control Panel. And last but not least flexibility in our contracts, which can be adjusted on a monthly basis. 

Security, management, compliancy, updates and backup

Don't worry about all the administrative tasks and wether your software is compliant. Universal IT takes care of it all. All you need is a device with an internet connection and a remote desktop client. Universal IT ensures availability of your applications. 

Pay as You Use monthly contracts

Like all of the Universal Cloud Services, you will only be charged for the services that you are really using. We do not charge for reserved storage or reserved licences and you do not pay in advance. You only Pay as You Use.


Hosted Office 2013

Office Standard, Office Professional Plus, Visio and Project can be added to your desktop. Here, too, you can change it, per employee per month. Need to bring a complex project to a higher level? Add Project to your desktop, even if it is only for one month.

Your own business applications on the Remote Desktop

Of course you can also use your own applications on the remote desktop. This allows you to use your business application on the Remote Destkop. Those applications will also be monitored and secured by the Universal service, including the daily backup schedule. 

Remote Desktop and Remote App

Your Hosted Desktop can be accessed through the Remote Desktop Protocol that you find on almost every workstation. Universal Remote Desktop is provided through a secure gateway, this means that traffic is secured by SSL certificates. You can also access your application via Remote App. The remote app can be found on your local desktop of your workstation, as if it is a local application on your computer. 

RSA SecurID; additional security

When additional security is needed, you can use RSA SecurID two factor authentication. RSA SecurID is available in hardware or software tokens (smartphone). Every few seconds a new authorization code is generated that is required to gain access to the remote desktop server.


Remote Desktop Services