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Boost your sales and reach a higher customer satisfaction  

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uWebChat - intensify the relationship with visitors to your website


Research shows that visitors are more likely to enter into a transaction when there is interaction with you as a provider of a product or service. Adding uWebChat BOT to your website ensures more sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Microsoft Teams & Presence 

uWebChat BOT is based on MS Teams, so users have a choice of various clients; iOS, Android, Web, Mac and Windows 10. uWebChat integrates with Teams & Skype for Business Presence.

Group chat & opening hours

uWebChat can be used for personal chat and for group chat, where you can set the opening hours of your group and where agents will be hunted based on available of the agent, opening hours and priority of the agent. 

Free version available 

uWebChat is availble in different versions, starting with a free license.There is a suitable license available for any organization or budget Start exploring with the free Teams app in the Teams App Catalogue. 

Personal chat or group chat

With uWebChat visitors on your website can contact a specific person, team or department within your organization by clicking the chat button on your website. The group chat feature will search for an available agent by hunting agents based on presence, service times and agent priority. 

uWebChat Service times

uWebChat Professional and Enterprise licenses enable you to defnine service times per agent group. You can define and manage your group settings like agents in group,  service times and agent priority.

Publish on your website in just 3 steps

  • Download (free) MS Teams app

  • install uWebChat from Teams App catalogue or AppSource

  • place the link on your website


Move towards AI

uWebChat can also be linked to artificial intelligence systems that enable, for instance, speech recognition or connects automated bots. An example is the available module where frequently asked questions (FAQ) documents can be used to generate automatic answers in uWebChat. The live agent will only enter the conversation when the FAQ bot does not have the appropiate answer.  

Platform neutral

uWebChat is based on MS Teams, users have a rich choise of clients; iOS, Android, Web, Mac en Windows10. 

Flexibility & integration

uWebChat expands direct communication with chatbot technlogy. Integration with your company database or applications can enrich the uWebChat experience. Contact us for more information. 

Ask uWebChat or download the manual 

Any questions regaring uWebChat? Just aks uWebChat and see how smart uWebChat really is! Prefer to read a manual, no problem, here it is

uWebChat Free


uWebChat Basic


uWebChat Professional


uWebChat Enterprise


Group chat (1 group)
Maximum of 2 agents
Personal chat
Presence information MS Teams
Team hunt
Powered by uWebChat logo
1 domain
Group Chat - 2 groups included
Unlimited agents
Archive chat history in OneDrive
Leave Message
Ban user (available nov 2020)
Groupchat - 10 groups
Opening Hours
Support by e-mail
Support online
Set default language per group (choose from 68 languages)
Speech to text
activation on a maximum of 5 (sub)domains
Support by phone
Customize uWebChat client
Realtime chat translation - communicate in any language
Automatic translation on/off during chat
activation on a maximum of 10 (sub) domains

/ month