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More sales & higher customer satisfaction 

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uWebChat - intensify the relationship with visitors to your website


Research shows that visitors are more likely to enter into a transaction when there is interaction with you as a provider of a product or service. Adding uWebChat BOT to your website ensures more sales and higher customer satisfaction.

Platform neutral 

uWebChat BOT is based on MS Teams, so users have a choice of various clients; iOS, Android, Web, Mac and Windows 10. 

Multiple Channels

In addition to communication with visitors to your website, other channels can be connected, such as social media channels.

Immediately available with a 30-day free trial period 

uWebChat is based on Azure Cloud Technology. You can get started within 5 minutes. 

Secure communication

uWebChat communication is secured by means of (TLS) 1.2 protocols, privacy is guaranteed. Employees can make themselves available both personally and through a group for receiving chat messages.

Ease of use

The interactive BOT technology enables your employees to communicate with the chatbot by means of so-called rich text cards.

Fast implementation in just 3 steps 

  • download (free) MS Teams app
  • request uWebChat or install uWebChat from AppSource (Q4-2019)
  • place URL on your website



Analysis tools make it possible to gain insight into uWebChat communication, such as amount of messages, active users and channels.

Platform neutral

uWebChat is based on MS Teams, users can choose from various clients; iOS, Android, Web, Mac and Windows10.

First step towards AI

In addition to linking speech and video, uWebChat can be linked to artificial intelligence systems that enable, for example, speech recognition or the recognition of dialogues. Like frequently asked questions they can serve  as input for later human interaction.

Flexibility in integration

uWebChat makes it possible to expand direct communication between people with chatbot technology. As a result, for example, frequently asked questions such as a Q&A database can be linked or certain tasks that now require a lot of administrative tasks can be automated. Ask about the possibilities to expand uWebChat with the specific skills within your organization.