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Skype for Business Server provides secure and effective communication options for instant messaging, secure file transfer, sharing and audio-/video-/webcommunications. Skype for Business is available on your favorite device; Windows PC, Mac, mobile device or tablet. With Skype for Business you can communicate anywhere, anytime.

Obviously Skype for Business integrates with Office. You can search your chat history in Outlook, instantly start a chat by clicking on an Outlook contact or even click to dial to start a phonecall or video call.






Skype for Business is based on the unique presence feature. This means that availability of a Skype user is automatically adjusted to the status of the user, based on computer activity (active), call status (on the phone) and calender status (in a meeting).




Skype for Business replaces your PBX. All of the professional telephonie options are available in the Skype for Business Service.

Call Routing uses the unique Presence features, therefore unnecessary calls and ringing phones in an empty workspace is now history.

Like all Universal Services we provide a comprehensive selfservice portal where you can adjust, create and manage your PBX whenever you need. This is what we call the Universal Touch of Power; Flexibility & Control!

PBX Features:

  • Voice Prompts
  • Queues
  • Response groups
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Servicetimes
  • Call flow
  • Queue viewer
  • Business calls on your mobile device with Skype for Business app on your mobile device
  • Always On - 1 single telephone number - accessible on your desktop, laptop, mobile device, deskphone



Online Meetings


Met With Skype for Business, you can convert any chat or phonecall into an interactive meeting with meeting all the features you need. Whiteboard , PowerPoint Sharing , Application Sharing and also the recording of your meeting.

Meeting participants can choose the media channel that suits them most, they can either enter a meeting by dialing a local meeting phonenumber (Universal provides a meeting service with dial-in numbers in more than 16 countries), use the Skype for Business Client (WIN / Mac / Mobile) or participate by using the webbbrowser.

When organizing a meeting you want to control and manage your meeting. Enterprise Meeting features are available such as HD audio and video, muting the audience, meeting recordings and the ability to determine which medium may be used (for instance define whether participants can turn on their video in the meeting).

Plan your meeting easily from your Skype for Business Client, Outlook or by using the Web Scheduler.


Skype Meeting in 9 languages


Default language settings can be configured (per meeting) by the meeting organizer. Attendees can also adjust this setting to make sure they can join the meeting in their prefered language.

The following languages are available:

  • Dutch
  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Portugese
  • Danish
  • Belgium                       

Skype for Business Web Scheduler


With the Skype for Business Web Scheduler you can organize a meeting on any internet device. Useful when you do not have access to your Outlook or Skype for Business Client.

By using a webbrowser you can invite participants, set times, language and other extended meeting options.


Skype Meeting Outlook Scheduler


Using Outlook, you can convert any calendar appointment into a Skype Meeting and directly apply meeting settings such as language, dial-in phonenumbers, virtual lobby.


Managed Service


Skype for Business Service is a fully managed service, meaning that Universal IT takes care of everything related to SIP trunk, porting phone numbers, configuration of services and providing your call and conferencing devices. The only thing you need to take care of yourself is internet connectivity.





Webbased Control Panel to manage your Skype for Business Service


Universal IT provides a comprehensive web portal to manage your services. Enabling full control of your services; realtime changes to service times, call routing number or licenses. This is what we call the Universal Touch of power!


Skype sign in address on your company domain


Hosting your domain name is included in our Skype for Business Service. We provide a comprehensive Control Panel for you to manage your domain name and apply or change DNS settings for your e-mail or website. When transfering your domain is not possible we will provide the instruction to add the necessary text records to your domain at your current domain provider.


Call Detail Records for Skype for Businesss


The Universal Control Panel provides realtime and comprehensive reports of the call detail records. You can easily monitor costs per site, department or user.


Response groups and Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Hosted Skype for Business provides full functionality to set up your organizations callflow. You can create response groups, queues and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) prompts.




Servicetimes, queues, voiceprompts, holidays, groups, teams


Configure your switchboard yourselve and make realtime changes to groups, service times, voiceprompts and callrouting.

Response group manager in


Control which users can customize the response group settings. Possible with one tick in the Control Panel.

By using your web browser you can invite participants, set servicetimes and define language settings for your meeting.


Response Group Queue Viewer


The Queue Viewer is available in your web browser, creating real-time insight into the current queue.


Enterprise Voice for Office 365


For organizations that use Office 365; we will add the required Enterprise Voice features for Skype for Business. You can continue using the rich and broad features of Office 365 and add the Universal Enterprise Voice features:

  • PSTN calling
  • PSTN dial-in for meetings
  • use your current phonenumbers in Skype for Business
  • fax over IP
  • compatible VoIP rates - pay as you use
  • open federation with other Office 365 or on premises Skype for Business users
  • dial-in conferencing numbers in 19 countries and 9 languages