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Cloud integrator specialized in Communications and Collaboration

Flexibility and control of your own Cloud applications

Universal IT is your partner in secure, managed Cloud Services. Services are offered using Office 365, Azure and our privately owned Universal Cloud in the Netherlands. Ultimate flexibility and control of your Cloud Services is our mission. We would be happy to facilitate your business applications, virtual desktop or create your own private Cloud. All secured and montiored by Universal IT. 

Meet our people who are driven to provide the best resources and services to make your business flourish! 


Full Service Unified Communications solutions from a private Universal Cloud and in Office 365. We offer solutions for voice, fax, e-mail, conferencing, Phone Systems and callcenter solutions. Our services include the porting of telephone numbers, registration of SIP trunks, delivery and configuration of voice & video devices, the set-up and integration of your UC Services and of course adequate personal support. 1 single point of contact for all your Unified Communications services!

Skype for Business Server

With Universal Hosted Skype for Business you have access to a complete and highly advanced communication platform. From a mobile or desktop client you can place & receive PSTN calls, send and receive instant messages and use audio / video / web conferencing features. You can even start an IM conversation and add audio or video at any time during this conversation. Skype for Business Presence provides realtime insight in the availability of your colleaques or even external contacts and ensures that you can communicate effectively, collaborate online and respond quickly to questions of your customers. Skype for Business is the next version of MS Lync Server. Skype for Business takes advantage of the strenghts of Skype and Lync.

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Universal Contact Center

Every organisation is a Customer Service organisation. Anywhere365 offers a userfriendly - easy to deploy - contact center solution based on MS Lync Server. Complicated, expensive, static contact center solutions are no longer needed. Meet the Anywhere365 Universal Contact Center by Workstreampeople! We offer each organisation, either large or small, the ability to streamline customer contact and thus provide a better service. Anywhere365 gives your Front Desk, Customer Service, Sales Team or Support Desk the ability to manage voice, (web) chats, queues and provides extensive reporting tools. The Skill based routing features make sure that your customer is communicating with the most suitable agent.

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Hosted Exchange enables you to centrally manage your e-mail, calender, contacts and tasks and access this information from your Windows or MAC, mobile device or web browser. You can also share calenders and contacts with your colleagues or use Exchange public folders to easily share documents. The Universal Hosted Exchange Service is a managed services, including daily back-ups, managed spam filtering, anti virus protection and an extensive Universal Control Panel to manage your Hosted Exchange services.

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Receive and send faxes with the Universal Fax over IP (FoIP) Service. Your current faxnumbers can be used with the Universal FoIP Service. With FoIP you can send faxes directly from your mailbox or even from within your business application. You will receive faxes on the email address of your choice. All you need to be able to use the Universal FoIP Service is an internet connection.






All necessary services to collaborate and communicate, including configuration services and personal support of the Universal support desk. Universal IT offers an extensive platform for document management, project organization and intranet. If customization or integration is desired, we will make that happen. Our Consultants and developers will be happy to assist you.


SharePoint 2016 allows you to collaborate online, share information, organize projects and automate processes. Universal SharePoint provides a flexible and scalable service in a pay as you use model, start with online document management in SharePoint Standard and upgrade to SharePoint Enterprise to enable advanced Business Intelligence tools.

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Moving your office to the Cloud means saving on IT expenses, being able to access your office application from any location, eliminates the risk of software incompliancy, making sure your data is secured and finally; up-time is guaranteed!

Office in the Cloud enables you to acces your Office applications (Excel, Word, Outlook, Visio, Project, PDF reader), but also your specific business applications. Universal takes care of security, monitoring and the back-up of your data that is being performed at least once a day.

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Remote Desktop Services

You can work anywhere on any workstation with an internet connection. Full flexibility and fully managed and secured by the Universal Managed Services. Daily backup of your data is included in our services. Should you need an additional workstation or application for a new colleague or a temporarely flexworker; the extra Remote Desktop Service is directly at your disposal.

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Hosted Office

With Hosted Office you will always have access to the most recent Office version. Per employee and even per month you can determine which Office applications are required. The​refore you will never pay for Office licenses that are not being used. Your Office files can be saved to your private Cloud and shared with your colleagues. Of course, the daily back-up off your files are included in the Universal Services.



Securing your data has never been this easy. Just download our app, select the files you need to back-up and select the frequency (daily, weekly, monthly).Then your are all set. Using BackUp tapes, DVDs and external hard drives is often not accurate enough and is not without risk of fire or theft. Do not take any chance with your business information. Using our online Backup Service will bring you the confidence that your information is safely stored and is accessable whenever and whereever you need it; immediately.

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Business Apps are often the backbone of your organization. For example, because it optimizes your business processes, provides insight into your business, enables your sales department to anticipate and operate or provides the financial insight to be able to make the right decisions. Hosting these business critical applications at Universal IT means that we take care of optimal security, 24/7 monitoring, daily (or often more frequent) backups and that we provide the support that is needed for you to grow your business.



The Universal IT Hosted MS Dynamics CRM 2015 services prove that a CRM solutions does not need to be complex or expensive. The Hosted MS Dynamics CRM Service can fit any organization or any budget, from small business to multinationals. Dynamics CRM 2015 integrates marketing, sales and service but also any other business process. That is why we would rather call it a XRM service where X can be any business entity. CRM creates better insight, the possibility to anticipate and thus better and faster results.

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Online Project Server hosting offers powerful tools for online Project Management. Project Server is based on SharePoint, in many organizations already used as document management and intranet portal. Project Server works with the desktop application Project Professional. With Project Web Apps users can make use of Project Server via the Web browser.


Our Cloud based infrastructure lets you deploy high-performing computing. Create your virtualized computing resources to be able to run your applications without the huge investments in hardware. IAAS is a flexible services, where you upscale and downscale resources at any time. Our IAAS services are available for Windows and Linux and include extensive tools to deploy and monitor your virtual machines.​


Windows Virtual Machine

Complete flexibility and control over your Windows Virtual Machine. That is what we call the Universal Touch or Power. Instantly create your Windows Virtual Machine, have compl​ete and realtime insight into status, performance and Service Levels with the extensive reporting tools, and make use of the comprehensive security & monitoring services that Universal IT provides.

Linux Virtual Machine

Complete flexibility and control over your Linux Virtual Machine. That is what we call the Universal Touch or Power. Instantly create your Linux Virtual Machine with the Linux distribution of your choise, have complete and realtime insight into status, performance and Service Levels with the extensive reporting tools, and make use of the comprehensive security & monitoring services that Universal IT provides.


Mail Relay

The Universal Mail Relay service provides comprehensive Security & Management tools for your mail environment.


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Together we create the most suitable Cloud Solution


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We provide adequate support and extensive tools to manage, monitor and secure your Cloud Service

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