Universal identity; single account for using Universal services

What is Universal Identity (Universal ID)?

Universal Identity (Universal ID) is your user/identity within the Universal domain to access and manage your Universal services. At this moment, Universal DNS has been activated with Universal ID. In the near future, more services will be using your Universal ID, starting with the Universal Customer Portal (UCP). This will prevent to use multiple accounts to access different services.

Universal Identity (Universal ID) now protected with software token based Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

Starting from the 28th of September 2022, your Universal Identity (Universal ID) will be protected with software token based Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). This will strengthen your security for your identity within our Universal services.

What changed? Upon logging in with your Universal ID, you’ll be asked to download the Microsoft Authenticator and set-up your account with it (mandatory). Once successfully set-up, next time you login with your username/password, an additional security check will be done via the authenticator. You’ll need to provide a secure token that is generated from the authenticator to proceed.

Can I use a different authenticator? Yes. it is possible to use the Google Authenticator. When you need to scan the QR core, do this with the Google Authenticator app. Once that’s set-up, you can also login with the authentication codes that are generated with the Google Authenticator.


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